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Safe Lofrcksmith Anaheim Locksmith.

Anaheim Locksmith offers professional safe opening service for all makes and models of safes through
manipulation and picking.
Usually, during its useful life, a safe will probably develop a problem which results in what we call
a "lock out." In most cases it is usually something simple and can be fixed by dialing diagnostics, then making
the right repairs to put it back into service.
At other times, more sophisticated techniques may need to be used. Please note Anaheim Locksmith
will request as much information from you over the phone in order to try and identify the safe.
This will enable us to give you a realistic 'opening' time scale and costing.
Please have the following information handy:-
1) Make and model of the safe
2) Color of the safe
3) Shape of the handle and a description of the lock(s)
4) The cash rating
5) Size of the safe
6) Physical description of the safe hinges
7) The issue with the safe
a) Lost key or broken key
b) Lost/forgotten combination
c) Attempted break-in
*simplex locks

Our Review

1 Jan 2016

Anaheim Locksmith

My keys got stolen out of my door so I had to rekey the locks. decent prices, professional behavior, and Anaheim locksmith even had succes changing the lock on a difficult patio door.
He came the morning after I called him before I had to be at work. Next time you need a locksmith, check Anaheim locksmith out.

11 Nov 2015

Anaheim Auto Locksmith

I just purchased a vehicle and needed a key FOB made as I only had valet key. They were able to come to my job and make while I worked. They even made me the master key fob. I am so pleased with the service I received from Auto Locksmith. I def would recommend to family and friends!!..

1018 N. Tustin ave Anaheim CA 92807